The electrical industry will never run out of workers to hire since it provides one of the most needed resources for any industrial, commercial, and residential functions accounting for almost 30% of the economy of the United States and hiring more than 1,000,000,000 workers to date. This is also to say that competition will be difficult although there are electrician staffing USA that can hire individuals skilled in this field alongside businesses and electrical industries.   

As any resume should be, your resume needs to be in a constant upgrade whenever you want to apply for a better position than where you are now. After all, experience and skills are a must when you apply for any job, whether you are a new graduate, or you want to be in a greener pasture. 

If you are a fresh graduate or reapplying for a certain job, do not forget to include the following skills: 

Analytical skills   

Electrical maintenance and repair problems need training, logical reasoning, and knowledge and therefore should be included in your resume. Trips can happen anywhere and electrical engineers are expected to analyze the issues to find good solutions. You will need to make them see you are dependable and that you can independently analyze tripping problems by recognizing the weaknesses of the equipment and suggesting a more potential solution. Being analytic and logical would enable you to discern the most efficient course of action to take, which is beneficial for any company.  

Mechanical Aptitude  

Being in the electrical company does not just require mind work, you also need to possess motor skills that allow you to use equipment and properly handle tools. Even basic works like fixing circuitry and wiring problems are expected from you alongside running tests, troubleshooting, and carrying out diagnostic procedures.   

Knowledge in Mathematics  

Data analysis needs strong mathematical skills. This enables an electrical engineer to discern what tools are best to use, perform calculations and measurements with full accuracy and ensure that the numbers are correct for electrical safety.   

Time Management  

All jobs require your skills in managing time. But being in the industry, you need to be twice as good in making sure you have all the necessary information and data to analyze an issue. Finishing tasks without backlogs will certainly benefit you in the long run.   


Just because the field requires numbers and mathematics does not mean communication is less relevant. To be able to relay the information, describe the problem, and communicate solutions are a must. Both spoken and written communication needs to be enhanced especially when your job involves understanding work orders and writing a report summary of a tripping problem.   

The Gist  

 The electrical industry is booming and will never be irrelevant, and this is why it is a stable industry to be in. And in order to be in the competition, you need to provide what is expected and even give more. And this starts with your resume and the skills must have and highlight during application.  

Now, buckle up and start your first application!